You’d think being a photographer would’ve been an obvious career choice for the person who always had a camera in hand at every event, party etc. Instead, I was bit by the theater bug early on. I earned a bachelor’s degree in Theater Arts and moved myself right to New York. I had a pretty great go of it, working as a director and eventually full time Producing Assistant for a large Broadway company. Throughout that time, photography remained a fulfilling creative outlet. I learned by doing, grabbing a few actor friends on weekends to practice or shooting on walks around the city. Gradually, shooting headshots evolved into a professional pursuit. In 2014, I moved home base to LA and have been shooting headshots here ever since.

Actor headshots are my primary concentration because it’s a natural marriage of my directing experience with photography. I love, love, love working with actors, and I’ve done it A LOT. Even seasoned performers can seem lost in front of a lens when there’s no script. A background in directing has given me the tools to work with actors and bring their best forward.

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